Mrs. Samantha Raynor: 6th-7th-8th

Years In Education: 29

Educational Background: Master in Education & Educational Leadership

Years In Kingman: 20 years

Favorite Subject: Social Studies

Favorite Memory as a Teacher: When I taught an English Language Learner student who did not speak English. His first words in English were "Am I busted?"

Favorite Candy: Snickers & Heath Bars

Favorite Food: Mexican

Children: I have 1 Biological child, 1 Adopted child & 1 Foster

My name is Ms. Ramirez. I have taught for 25 years. I have taught various grade levels and have had many opportunities to grow as an educator. I recently moved to Kingman and wanted to give back to the community that I live in. The only way to give back is to be a part of a child's education. Being a part of a child's learning is the best accomplishment a teacher could have. 

Years In Education: 6

Educational Background: 1 year until graduation with Bachelors in Education. 

Years In Kingman: 6

Favorite Subject: Math

Favorite Memory as a Teacher: I enjoyed assisting in the Special Education class with a child who had Autism.

Favorite Candy: Salt & Vinegar Chips

Favorite Food: Pizza

Children: I have 2 children

Mrs. Christina Ramirez: 3rd-4th-5th

Mrs. Prince: Kindergarten-1st-2nd