Alexander Mayo - School Supervisor

Hello everyone. I am very humbled and excited to be in this roll as the School Supervisor. My goal, when I started with Hackberry School District, was to some day have the opportunity to run this awesome district. 

A little about myself: I have been with my beautiful wife, Nicollette, for ten years, married for six. I have the pleasure of being called Dad by my son, John, and daughter, Noelle, and soon, our next child Eligah. I have always been active in my community and enjoy the outdoors and sports, GO CARDINALS!!! 

I have been in education for ten years and started as a high school teacher, then worked with most of the large districts, in Mohave County, managing their school food service departments as their director. I have been with Hackberry School District since July of 2020andhave taken on more and more rolls for the success of the school. 

Please feel free to contact me any time. amayo@hesd.net,  or call the school, 928-692-0013. I am happy to hear from anybody and would love to show off our amazing little school. 

Now that I am here, the focus is on student success and we hope to continue to move in the right direction.